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Check out this inspiring vid. from one of my promotional campaign partners! GO ELIJAH’S PROMISE GO!


I’ve Been Meme-ing To Tell You Something

This is a double dose to the Memes for the Soul section with a couple items that send home the Posilive message.  They say a pictures says a thousand words. Well how about a picture with a couple words to boot? These memes speak to the lighter side of things and are worth sharing with you, the Posilive multiverse.

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Feeling adventurous yet? These two memes were made by myself using two images I’d taken from my camera roll.  I use a makeshift-ass means of making them.  I go into the GroupMe app, add an image as an attachment in a message, and it gives you the option to create a meme.  Once you press the check-mark, even if you delete the image (not intending to send it), the meme will be saved to your phone’s photo gallery.  So, if you’d like use that method!

Any who, I felt these two means speak components of the Posilive message regarding energy and adventure.  The one that reads “Discover Possibilities” is an image I took looking off of a cliff at the Delaware Water Gap that my friends and I had hiked to the top of in the Summer of 2016.  I looked off to the landscaped and horizon and its beauty.  This image was relevant to the sense of life and adventure that Posilive tries to iterate. There is so much beauty and wonder to discover in this world.  The second is an image of my pup, Summer, who is the cutest fluff ball ever (fact). You can see her eyes perked up in excitement, and I think its just a funny image that reminds me of how we as humans can feel that heart-racing, fun-loving eagerness.  You can see the spark of wonder in her eyes over the simple pleasure of going for a walk.  IT reminds me how everything in life is an adventure all its own.

The image-macro for these two involve images that can have different text added to them.  They have inherent qualities that are able to incite common feelings or perceptions.  The  Delaware Water Gap photo is beautiful and unique, but it is also common in that it is a typical “adventurous” looking picture of nature that is generally inspirational or creates a sense of wonder.  The image of my dog, Summer, triggers similar feeling more through a sense of innocent curiosity.  Her eyebrows are perked up in such a way, matched with her laying down, gives the feel that she is an innocent soul whos attention has been prodded at. Memes are often used to get “positive” messages out, whether it be actually inspirational, or humorous, perhaps ironic. An example of other using memes for positive encouragement is around Midterms and Finals when there is a flood of “You can do this!” inspirational memes.

These are obviously more reflective of user-made content, and I believe goes against the top-down approach to things.  These are self-taken photos with not a message that is promoting a current fad or feeling, its just speaking a message to my fellow humans.




Awareness Campaign Announcement!

          In terms of bringing the bright side to you, your Posilive editor has a big announcement! Lend me your ears!  

          Posilive will be teaming up with Food in the Brunz and Cuisine4College in a campaign that will stretch over the next couple of weeks. Since our sites cover topics regarding living healthy and conscientious lives, we will be teaming up to to promote awareness about hunger with a series of podcasts, posts, and videos. Specifically we are going to be taking a look at Elijah’s Promise, and what they do for the cause.  Elijah’s Promise is an anti-hunger agency kitchen based in New Brunswick, and therefore was a clear choice being so close to Rutgers University. This gives my partners and I the great opportunity to speak directly to our college specified fan base.  In terms of Posilive, we will be tapping into something, that when incorporated into anyone’s life, has the ability provide happiness and positivity for all parties involved. After all, isn’t it all about a little give and take?  To give is to receive! And the mission Elijah’s Promise, and all similar organizations, work towards can teach us all a valuable lesson.

          Aside from motivating individuals, our campaign will provide you with the information on how to become an active member of this and similar movements. I feel this is a topic that is so widely known that people treat it as a stagnant initiative.  It only remains stagnant to you if you allow it to, so come back to keep up with our mission and where we are at! So, stay tuned in to RUStratPres, Food in the Brunz, and Cuisine4College to keep up with their progress and see how you can beat eating in college, and come on back to Posilive to see how we’re tackling this topic. Thanks for taking a look, see you soon!


Contact Information Regarding Project:



Food in the Brunz:

Group Project: Site Comparison Post

This previous week I had taken a look at a news article about a Manhattan Soup Kitchen that features a grand piano, and a blog post on that covered 26 different cheap and easy to make meals.  The aim of the comparison of the two is to gain insight on a collaborative project that Posilive is taking on.  Working with blank and blank on topics regarding giving back to a community in the form of food, these two web sources allowed me to learn a thing or two.

In the article regarding the Manhattan soup kitchen, the crowds have the delightful pleasure of listening to various individuals play away on a grand while they eat their meal. At one point, woman, points out that “music makes everything feel alive”, and in a large way, these men and women are in need of just that.  So often we all feel that many things are easier said than done.  Words sound empty, and motivations seems fleeting.  In hard times that these men and women may be going through, those little instances of relief, and joy can be a God-send.  Music has this timeless power, and I think the incorporation of the piano at this facility is a beautiful and heartwarming addition.  It likely breaks down some feelings of entrapment of a hard life, a reminder that we are all human. I think this article provides some perspective when going into a project of this subject matter, and is reminder to think on a compassionate level.

The blog regarding cheap and easy to make food goes hand-in-hand with a project regarding Elijah’s promise, since it gave me an idea of realistic goals that can be set. Learning what foods are productive in this category will help in terms of speaking to an audience to motivate them to support a similar cause. In reference to the Bennet article that we read, Bennet states that “ many forms of shared activity online (from blogging, to conflict and protest behavior in gaming, fan and entertainment sites) represent forms of civic or media engagement”.  That being said I think the blogging format of this site taps into the idea of civic engagement.  A citizen choosing a creative route to pursue and civic cause


Beautifully adrift.

We all float, by nature. It is up to us to paddle.  It is okay to stop and stare sometimes, the world is a beautiful place, but in positive motion, we will find that there is more beauty to behold.

I took this photo when I decided I needed a day for myself, a day for thought.  I went Kayaking along the Princeton Canal, and it was a good choice.  At one point, as I floated, I had a smile across my face, and was gently startled by the question “How do you feel?”.  It was a neighboring person on the canal, who too had a smile on his face.  “Good”, I said.  It was a simple moment, but one that meant a lot to me.  It is nice to stop and realize  that this world is a world of love, and beauty. It was also nice to know there are people out there who appreciate that love.  Past all the nonsense, and all the noise, nature is a reminder that all in the world is okay.  Water will drift downstream, and there will be a breeze that whispers through the trees.

My First Screencast

Hey everyone! Recently we were assigned to use Screencast methods for an assignment, and personally it was my first time.  We used the prescribed website, It is a free service to use and you can use to record what is just on the screen with audio, use a webcam, or use both.  Since I had bed-head, I chose the screen with audio option. I resized the viewing window for what was to be captured to roughly the whole screen minus the tabs of the websites I had open.  I then recorded my Screencast comparing two positive lifestyle sites, one being, and the other I was taking a look at these sites to compare them to my own since they are healthy/positive lifestyle sites.  I chose them since they were both very different and showed diverse ideas and styles. Viewers can hope to gain knowledge about healthy/positive lifestyle blogs and some ways to assemble them.  It makes good use of information technology by bringing together many outlets into one easy to view video.  In terms of cultural information, this directly speaks to most likely similar problems that classmates are having.  I think this also just speaks to our generation’s pop-culture, many of whom are striving to jobs related to website building. The actual process of recording is really straightforward and easy to use.  This is a cool tool and I could actually see myself using it in the future.  The only problem I really ran into is that looking back I think I should have focused on a fully thought out script, rather than the outline that I used, because I had a hard time getting it out when recording which took multiple shots.  I think I could use this as a comparison of a hopeful progression with the tool.


Creating my header.

     I created my header image with my key theme in mind, being positivity.  From that I thought of the overriding concept that life itself flourishes.  That is why I chose the tree as the backdrop.  To me the tree is symbolic of not only growth, but more importantly expansive growth.  It does not just expand in one direction, but reaches all directions, a reminder to us all to nourish our own life by bettering ourselves in many different facets. A key to thriving, I have found, is keeping an open mind.  That does not mean to forfeit what you stand for in the name of “growth”, but sometimes our own fears and prejudices stop us from accepting the truth. With this acceptance comes opportunity.  The positive sign is pretty straightforward, resembling that there is always choice and opportunity to support yourself with positive choices, and also to look on the brighter side of things.

     The process of creating the image itself took me a while, just because I haven’t actively been using an editing tool, and I actually became quite frustrated with the whole ordeal.  When I was just about ready to give up, I decided to stop being a stubborn fool and looked at my professor’s instructions, and tips on how to work the Pixlr application.  And thus, my header was born.  I used the tree as the initial, background image, and had to resize it to the specifications going to image, and image size.  I adjusted it to fit my 1000X250 recommendation.  I applied the positive sign as a new layer on top of that, and changed its opacity to allow the tree to still be visible behind it. I did this be clicking the bottom left button in the “layers” tab.  I put the name of the site “Posilive” symmetrically against the tree, and gave it a light yellow tint.  I thought the yellow went with the richness and positive feel that the tree picture already created.